Recipients of the Grand Master’s Distinguished Service Award

The Grand Master’s Distinguished Service Award originated under the leadership of MWB Larry B. Grandy in 2016.  In a nut shell, it recognizes Brethren, who have not reached the rank of Worshipful Master, for years of dedicated service to the Craft, their individual Lodges and to their communities.
 †  Paul Edward Bugden Lodge Westmoorland No. 24


 †  George Ernest Brushett – Hiram Lodge No. 3
 †  Wilson Lloyd Whiffen – Landfall Lodge No. 12
Leonard J.F. Bugden –  Lodge Westmoorland No. 24
Robert Gordon Grant – Lodge Lomond No. 32


Harold David Parsons –  Avalon Lodge No. 2
Chesley George Lambert – Whiteway Lodge No. 8
Humphrey Ford – Corner Brook Lodge No. 11
Aubrey Cooper – Gander Lodge No. 16
Heber Keats – Polaris Lodge No. 17


Eric Badcock – Avalon Lodge No. 2
Kenneth “Maxwell” Downey – St. George’s Lodge No. 15


 † deceased

“It is very simple.  I merely knock away with hammer and chisel the stone I do not need and the statue is there … it was there all the time!”

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