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The Patrick Tasker Masonic Educational Fund had its beginnings in St. John’s Lodge No. 579 E.C. in January 1861. The credit for creating the fund must go to Brother J. S. Rutherford, who at a regular meeting of the Lodge proposed the following motion:”That a fund be established for the purpose of educating children of deceased brethren who have been in full communication with the Lodge.” Subsequent to its establishment, the fund was given the name “The Tasker Educational Fund” in honour of our late brother, Patrick Tasker, a well known and highly respected freemason.

Lodge Tasker also takes its name from this esteemed brother. Realizing that the establishment of this fund for the purpose of helping the children of deceased brethren was truly the essence of Freemasonry, other Lodges became contributors to the fund on behalf of their brethren. Today, Lodges under both the Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador and the District Grand Lodge of Scotland are participating members of the Fund. To avoid the possible perception that the Fund was associated only with Lodge Tasker, the name was changed to “The Patrick Tasker Masonic Educational Fund.” The Fund comes under the direction of a General Committee made up of representatives of both the Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador and the District Grand Lodge of Scotland, as well as representatives of all other participating Lodges of both jurisdictions throughout the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. All policy decisions related to the administration of the Fund must have the approval of the General Committee which meets at least once a year.The day to day operations of the Fund are under the direction of an Executive Committee, elected by and responsible to the General Committee.

All inquiries relating to benefits from the Fund, applications forms for scholarships, loans etc. should be addressed to:

Patrick Tasker Masonic Educational Fund

P.O. Box 20, Freemasons Hall

115 Mount Carson Ave.

Mt. Pearl, NL

A1N 0G1