The Coat of Arms – Symbolism


gl_crest150x150The Coat of Arms of the Grand Lodge of Newfoundland and Labrador consists of a shield surmounted by a crest, supported by a ribbon with a motto thereon.

The shield in blue represents the North Atlantic Ocean surrounding our shores including the many lakes, rivers and streams of our Province. The compasses, in gold, a Masonic symbol, divides the shield into three parts.

The Caribou, also in gold, represent the two parts of our province, Labrador where there is found the largest free ranging herd in the world and the Island where caribou also roam. The sailing ship within the extended points of the compasses, consisting of seven white sails, signifies the strong connection with the sea; fishing, trading, and our ties with Great Britain.

For the Crest, in gold, on a wreath of the colours a representation of an ark supported on either side by a seraph rising from a bed of seven Pitcher Plants, the Provincial flower, with the motto in Hebrew characters “Holiness to the Lord.”

The motto on the ribbon below in Latin is “Audi Vide Tace,” which put in plain English is to say, “Hear and See but Keep your Council.”


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