The Masonic Breakfast Club, FMH, Mt. Pearl 2016

VWBro. Lloyd B. Winsor of Neptune Lodge and Bro. Ches Saunders of St. Andrews’s Lodge representing the Masonic Breakfast Club at Freemason’s Hall in Mt. Pearl presenting a cheque for $ 10,000 to RWBro. James FitzGerald, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Masonic Park, toward the work of the park. The Masonic Breakfast Club is a tremendous success and is an example of what Masonry is all about. 
November 2016 

For your information…

The Masonic Breakfast Club, as it is now known, came about as a result of three Brethren: Bro. Ches Saunders of Lodge St. Andrew, VWBro. Lloyd Winsor of Neptune Lodge, and VWBro. William “Bill” Butler of Lodge Westmoorland.  They made the decision to expand their Wednesday morning coffee club to include a breakfast once a month. Although initial turnouts were small, attendance eventually picked-up, and now most sittings are full to capacity. It has become a wonderful success, to say the least, and is another example of the level of co-operation and fellowship that exists between Lodges.  The goal of the Masonic Breakfast Club is to raise funds to help with costs of maintenance of Freemasons Hall, and to help fund special projects. But in the doing, fellowship is generated  and Community spirit is enhanced in the Masonic Park Complex.