Board of General Purposes

S&q 2The Board of General Purposes is established under Sections 127–133 of the Constitution and is the administrative and governing body of Grand Lodge. The Board meets quarterly and at other times if deemed necessary at the call of the Chair or the Grand Master.

The Board of General Purposes appoints Standing Committees and may appoint special or ad hoc committees to assist in its work. It also sets their terms of reference, instructs the committees, hears their reports and where necessary, acts upon them.

Board of General Purposes 2016-17

 The Governing Body of the
Grand Lodge of Newfoundland & Labrador

Meetings Quarterly

The Grand Master and all Past Grand Masters, by virtue of their Office, are Members of the Board

RW Bro. Ian A. Murray Deputy Grand Master Chairman
RW Bro. James A. Smith Grand Senior Warden Vice – Chairman
RW Bro. Lloyd C. Walters Grand Junior Warden Sub-Committee Chairman
RW Bro. Carl J. Keeping Grand Treasurer Board Treasurer
RW Bro. Geoffrey H. Tucker Grand Registrar Sub-Committee Chairman
RW Bro. Daniel G. Crocker Grand Secretary Board Member
VW Bro. Martin J. Batterson Assist Grand Secretary Board Secretary


VW Bro. Wayne M. Winsor Grand Inspector Labrador District
RW Bro. L. Lorne Braye District Grand Master Western District
RW Bro. Anthony G. Burry District Grand Master Central District
RW Bro. Frederick K. Powell District Grand Master Peninsulas District
RW Bro. Daniel R. Frampton District Grand Master Avalon District

 Elected & Appointed Board Members 


VW Bro. Mark A. Bradbury * Board  Member 2016-2017
VW Bro. Augustus P. Dillon  Board  Member 2015-2017
VW Bro. Terry C.W. Hollett *  Board  Member 2016-2017
VW Bro. Gordon W. Butt  Board Member  2016-2018
RW Bro. James A. Fitzgerald  Board  Member  2016-2018
VW Bro. Allan R. Skanes  Board  Member  2016-2018
VW Bro. Lloyd B. Winsor Board  Member  2015-2017
VW Bro. Daniel S. Noseworthy Board Member   2016-2018
 * Appointed to vacant position for remainder of Term