2010-2012 John A. Peyton

The Grand Master 2010-2012
John A. Peyton

Grand Lodge Officers

Deputy Grand Master –  Gerald Budden

Grand Senior Warden  – James T. FitzGerald (OMS)

Grand Junior Warden  – Daniel Crocker

Grand Chaplain  – James Smith

Grand Registrar  – George Cull (PGM) – (2010-11 Appointed) 
Grand Registrar  –  Daniel R. Frampton (2011-12 elected)

Grand Treasurer – Carl Keeping

Grand Secretary – Larry B. Grandy 

Grand Senior Deacon  – Roy White

Grand Junior Deacon  – Larry Bradley

Grand Superintendent of Works  – Herb Manthorne

Grand Director of Ceremonies  – William Earle

Assistant Grand Secretary  – Allan Carter

Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies –  Ford Sharpe

Grand Sword Bearer  – Kevin Ash

Grand Organist  – Maxwell Sceviour(OMS)

Grand Pursuivant  – Lloyd Piercey

Grand Steward  – Peter Seaward

Grand Steward  – Richard Prosser

Grand Steward  – Ellis Stuckless

Grand Standard Bearer  – Cyril Bessey

Grand Historian  – John E. E. Warren

Grand Tyler   – Raymond C. Anthony  



District Grand Master – Labrador District  Stirling Peyton

District Grand Master – Western  District  M. Scott Ledrew

District Grand Master – Central District  Derek Webster

District Grand Master – The Peninsulas District  Elmer Ryzuk

District Grand Master – Avalon District  Donald Lambert (PDGM)




Robert Mercer 2010-2012

John Warren 2010-2012 

Harry Vokey (PDDGM Avalon) 2010- 2012

Wayne Abbott  2010 – 2012

Arthur Smith 2011 -2013

Terry C. Hollett 2011 – 2013

Job Parsons (OMS- PDDGM Western) 2011 – 2013



Gary Rose 2010-2012

Cluney Mercer 2010-2012

Allister Powell 2010-2012

Ron Cole 2010-2012

Augustus Dillon 2011 – 2013

Mark Rowsell 2011 – 2013

Lloyd Collins 2011 – 2013

Lloyd W. Walters 2011 -2013


In addition to the elected and appointed members of the Board, the following Grand Lodge Officers are members of the Board by virtue of their office:

Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, District Grand Masters, Grand Senior Warden, Grand Junior Warden, Grand Registrar , Grand Treasurer, Grand Secretary, Assist Grand Secretary and all Past Grand Masters.



December 2010

March 2011

June 2011

December 2011

June 2012


Consecration of Terra Nova Lodge
Establishment of a Grand Lodge Mission & Vision Statement
Revision of 2007 (edition) Guidelines for District Grand Masters
Development an Launch of a Newsletter in Magazine Format (Fraternal Tidings)
Re-Dedication Botwood Lodge (Centenary)
Re-Dedication Whiteway Lodge (Centenary)
Development of a Grand Lodge Website Policy
Complete Revision Of  Grand Lodge Constitution (1997 edition)
Lodge Handbook