Western – District #2

District Grand MasterRWBro. L. John Braye
District Grand SecretaryVW Bro Jerry J.S. Brett
District Grand Director of CeremoniesVW Bro. Oliver J. White
District Grand ChaplainVW Bro. Gordon W. Butt
Professional Photograph

RWBro. L. John Braye


2017 District Meeting – West



The Annual District Meeting of the Western District was held on Saturday,  March 18, 2017, after two (2) snow storm delays, at Bennett Hall, Corner Brook, NL.  The agenda, conducted by the RWBro. L. John Braye, included a Memorial Service in remembrance of our brethren who passed to the GLA since the last District Meeting, Activities Reports of constituent Lodges, and two presentations dealing with “The Structure of Grand Lodge ” and “Grand Lodge Protocol & Etiquette.”  Please note that the document Grand Lodge Protocol & Etiquette is available on the “Members Only Area.”  The Grand Master was pleased to be in attendance to bring the greetings of Grand Lodge and to emphasise the wonderful work of the Lodges in terms of Community Outreach, noting in particular the Grand Master’s Charity. All were thanked for being the example!



Notre Dame Lodge No.6

Location: Springdale

Meeting night: First Thursday of each month

Installation: Second Saturday in September


Corner Brook Lodge No.11

Location: Bennett Hall, Corner Brook

Meeting night: First Wednesday of September to May, Second Thursday in January

Installation: September






On the occasion of the visit of the District Grand Master, RWBro. L. John Braye, January 12, 2017.














At the Surf & Turf “Ladies Appreciation” held following the regular meeting of Corner Brook Lodge #11 on June 7, 2017, the Grand Master, MWBro. Cluney W.G. Vincent, and the Worshipful Master, VWBro. Allan R. Skanes, were pleased to pose with the Masonic widows present.


Cabot Lodge No.13

Location: Cabot Masonic Lodge, Port aux Basques

Meeting Night: First Tuesday of the month

Installation: September


Canam Lodge No.19

Location: Stephenville

Meeting night: First Monday of the month

Installation: September


MicMac Lodge No.25

Location: Masonic Hall, Baie Verte Highway

Meeting Night: Third Wednesday of the month

Installation: Third Monday in September


Lodge Lomond No.32

Location: Bennett Hall, Corner Brook

Meeting night: Fourth Monday of the month

Installation: September


Lodge Lomond #32, Jan. 23, 2017 – official visit of Dist G.M. (Western), RWBro. L. John Braye. He was greeted by the Bro. Derek Oates, Right Worshipful Master, and was extended Grand Honours. His delegation included VWBro. Oliver White, OSM,  District GDofC; VWBro. Jerry Brett, District Grand Secretary; Gordon W. Butt, District GRand Chaplain; RWBro. C. Conrad Mulluns, Grand DofC; VWBro Gary L. Parsons, Grand Senior Deacon;  VWBro. John C. Braye, OMS;  VWBro Thomas C. Goulding, Grand Steward; and several PMs of Lodge Lomond #32. The main order of business was the Initiation of Bro. Gary LeRoy. Bro LeRoy’s son, Jordan, raised as a MM in Nov 2016, took part in the ceremony.






At the stated meeting of Lodge Lomond #32, held at Bennett Hall, Corner Brook, on March 27, 2017, Brothers Chad Ford and Winston Crewe were initiated into Freemasonry. The Right Worshipful Master and the Grand Master extend congratulations!






Also at the March 27th Meeting, MW Bro. Cluney W.G. Vincent, the Grand Master, was pleased to present Grand Lodge Certificates to Bros. John Buckingham, Terry Barrett, Ben Simms, Logan Organ, Darren Hutchings, and Jordan Leroy.



Did you know that Lodge Lomond #32 recently donated to the Community Mental Health Initiative?



Bro. Robert Grant of Lodge Lomond # 32, GLNL, and Lodge Humber # 1475, S.C., celebrated his 98th Birthday on June 22, 2017.  Family and friends gathered at Marble Inn Resort to celebrate this joyous occasion.  P.M. Glenn Porter and P.M. Hughie Butt of Lodge Humber #1475 SC of Deer Lake; his son, WBro. Ian Grant, of Fenwick Lodge #158 in Brandon, Manitoba, VWBro. Sid Harris and VWBro. Peter Puddester were in attendance.