2014-2016 Larry B. Grandy


MWBro. Larry B. Grandy

Grand Master 2014-16

“Action with Humility”

Meets Quarterly


 The Grand Master by Virtue of his Office is a Member as are all Past Grand Masters.

MWB. Larry B. Grandy Grand Master Ex Officio
RWB Cluney W.G. Vincent Deputy Grand Master Chairman of Board
RWB James A. Smith Grand Senior Warden Vice – Chair & Committee Chairman
RWB Ian A. Murray Grand Junior Warden Committee Chairman
RWB Carl J. Keeping Grand Treasurer Committee Chairman
RWB David W. Jones Grand Registrar Committee Chairman
RWB Daniel G. Crocker Grand Secretary Committee Chairman
VWB John E.E. Hussey  Assistant Grand Secretary Member

District Grand Masters

VWB Wayne Maxwell Winsor Grand Inspector – Labrador Member
RWB Lloyd Chesley Walters District Grand Master- Western Member
RWB Norman Roy Genge District Grand Master- Central Member
RWB William J Welsh District Grand Master- The Peninsulas Member
RWB John William Adams District Grand Master- Avalon Member


 Elected & Appointed Board Members   

VWB. Gus Dillon   Member 2013 -2015
VWB Ernest Paddock   Member 2013 -2015
RWB Ian Murray.  Member 2013 -2015
VWB Geoffrey Tucker  Member 2013 -2015
VW Bro. Donald W. A. Bennett Member 2014 – 2016
VW Bro. John E. E, Warren Member 2014 – 2016
VW Bro. William D. Butler Member 2014 – 2016
VW Bro. Garfield T. Pinsent Member 2014 – 2016
VW Bro. Lorne Norris Member 2014 – 2016  
VW Bro. Josiah Mullins Member 2014 – 2016  
VW Bro. Gary Higgins Member 2014 – 2016  
VW Bro. Mark A. Bradbury Member 2014 – 2016  
VWB Barry Thom  Member 2013 -2015
VWB Clayton Locke  Member 2013 -2015
RWB Donald Lambert  Member 2013 -2015
VWB Alexander Noseworthy  Member 2013 -2015